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How to correctly choose an apartment rent
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That have capital of their own roof over your head, dream of many. But not everyone is able to exercise. Exit one - rent. Four walls in such a case, not cheap. However, in some cases, rent an apartment is much cheaper than buying. And it relates to both short-and long-term lease.

desire and ability

holders of temporary housing can sometimes be called a lodger at will. Luxury apartment tenants do not consider the option of buying a property for several reasons, - said Dmitry Zaitsev, a consultant company's real estate department of Paul? S Yard. - Firstly, the total payment for the lease luxury accommodation for a certain period amounted to buying a flat in a decent residential area away from the center of Moscow (if you have equal space rental and purchased housing). Secondly, purchased boxes will require repairs and furniture to suit the tastes of the new owner, which one day is not done.

And most importantly, own the real estate would have the time spent on your purchase and then sale. And if the client is accustomed to luxury, creating similar conditions in the new (bought) the apartment would be expensive, which, when the sales are unlikely to pay off . In other words, the housing rent to them - so the savings and finance, and time.

But the housing issue of people who came to Moscow to work on the contract (the top managers, artists, chefs, athletes and other professionals), often has invited them to the company. The duration of the lease for the most part depends on the length of the contract, which concluded with the employee. While possible variations. The organization simply formalizes an apartment in long-term lease, and it provides accommodation to its employees, ie with one person an employment contract ends, and leave it, but in its place a new employee zaezzhaet , - said Alexander Kosareva, director of real estate rental agency TWEED.

But such an approach is sometimes difficult. If the agency is taking an apartment for short-term rental, it pays the owner a fixed amount, all other concerns - for its occupancy, cleaning and so on - takes over - said Vadim Lamin, Head of Department for exclusive rental apartments of Penny Lane Realty. - In my opinion, the weakest point in this respect is the accelerated depreciation of the apartment by the frequent change of tenants. Neighbors also were not always delighted to meet at the staircase with new faces, and not quite clear what to do and who is responsible in case of technical malfunctions, failures and other similar situations .

Recently, the shooting shelter clients were present at the high end requirements: it must be furnished with furniture, equipped with modern household appliances, etc. However, sometimes flat for a long time can give no furniture, so that the tenant had the opportunity to buy or to bring the interior to it to your liking. But the guarded area, concierge at entrances, surveillance cameras, underground parking, traffic system - by no means a complete list of what future tenants request. Elite lodger also pay attention to repair electrical, engineering equipment, the availability of telephone, leased line Internet, satellite television. When short-term rental requirements for the location of the apartment, including proximity to the subway station, usually more severe. This is because the people who come to the capital in the short term, want to live in the midst of events that there is no traffic and inconvenience in their spare time, allow at least after the walk to historic places of the city.

Bonus by arrangement

Specialists generally referred to as a long-term rental, if it shall lease for a term of one year or more, and short - from a few days to three months. Of course, it is possible to live in rented apartments and a day, whereas the longest period of temporary residence, according to stories realtors, stretched to a decade.

At the cost of renting an impact is in what area is flat, its species characteristics, the level of maintenance (some clients are interested in not only quality building materials and their manufacturers), and so on. The term of the lease, too, can have a effect: fewer days than the tenant plans to use the flat, the more expensive it will cost him, and vice versa. That is a three-month stay in the rented boxes may cost, say, by 30-40% cheaper than monthly. If, for example, a man came to Moscow to work for long, naturally, it makes sense to rent for a long time, - said Konstantin Kovalyov, managing partner of Blackwood. - For example, a studio apartment in the day, costs about 5 thousand rubles., In the month it is 150 thousand rubles. Thus, rent an apartment to rent long-term disadvantage, because exactly the same flat with a long-term lease would cost approximately 65-87 thousand rubles. .

The longer the visitor lives in an apartment, the lower the rent Daily rate. Let's take an example - said Denis Shmarev, Managing Intermark Serviced Apartments. - A one-room apartment in the metro Mayakovskaya will cost 6.5 rubles. when staying 1 to 3 days, 5.3 thousand rubles. - 4 to 10 days, 4.2 thousand rubles. - From 11 to 29 days, 3.9 thousand rubles. - 30 days and 3.6 thousand rubles. with accommodation of 90 days .

By the way, and get a discount long-term lease is quite real. Since the owner of the property can be agreed and vyhlopotat bonus, if you are zagodya and months ahead. If the owner of each year does not change the price or adjust it within reasonable limits, it encourages the tenant to extend the contract.

So, rent housing in the short term is not so profitable? Do not rush to conclusions. First, compared with the number of hotel, apartment always more spacious: even a small dvushka on average an area of about 50 square meters, almost twice as many standard hotel cells. Secondly, it is much more economical - to various estimates, almost twice cheaper. Although there is a difficulty. From the surrendered flats only every tenth the landlord is willing to provide them for a short-term lease, - said Dmitry Zaitsev.

With regard to the rental market elite in general, the price range varies from an average of 100 thousand to 125 thousand rubles. per month. Some real estate agencies were on the transaction price for the apartment 750 thousand rubles. per month. Betting on the short-term lease for the last year have grown by an average of 15-20%. Experts attribute this to higher prices for long-term lease, which in turn depends on growth in real estate prices in general.

minimize the risk

Owners rarely rent an apartment for a short time on their own, as well as be hell to pay: finding customers, advertising, cleaning, maintenance ... Where is easier to deliver the housing to let the organization, specializing in short-term lease. In this case, and the price of the issue to the owner of the four walls is the same as it is losing its grid company for a long time, but it has further disposed of. Either the property owner enters into a contract with a specific employer under the mediation of agency, and all issues are solved too quickly. In our company there is a practice in which all documents for the owner prepares the individual broker, we will take care of maintenance and minor repairs of housing, - says Vadim Lamin. - In addition to free insurance apartments, provide the legal assistance at all stages of the transaction, including postdogovornoe services. In general, everything is done to reduce the involvement of the real estate owner in the routine process and minimize any risks with his hand .

Basically, the owners like to sit flat in the long-term lease, providing a stable income for the year-two-three - explains Svetlana Bologova, Head of the Department of the lease company IntermarkSavills. - But there are advocates of a short-term lease. For example, for a month or two. In this case, the value of the rental rates increased by about 50%, which is quite a significant increase in income. In addition, tenants in the short term, as a rule, do not make such high demands on the level of finishing of the apartment as a long-term tenants . The largest profit goes to the owners in the short-term lease and the fact that they can raise prices in line with market changes. Although, if the owner has invested a lot of money in repairs, equipment, furniture, he is unlikely to sit flat in kratkosrochku.

Now the market rent - the market is the landlord. The demand is not satisfied, and the landlord is fully dictate its own terms, - said Olga Tvorogova, managing partner of Ostogenka Real Estate. - And they are such that the owner is trying to conclude a contract for a short time - less than a year. There are two reasons: first - a contract concluded for a period less than a year, does not require state registration, the second - the law in the signed contract is quite difficult to change that, of course, profitable for the lessor, as in this case it can not change the price in accordance with fluctuations in the market. But the right tenant in this case, partially protects the Civil Code - after the expiry of the contract first, to whom the owner must offer the apartment, the previous tenant, so it has priority extension . By the way, the landlord podstrahovyvaet themselves more and to read as follows: if the client changed to remove the selected apartment, he would have to pay a fine, which is often comparable to the monthly rent.

owners of apartments in the budget of 125 thousand rubles. their rent is almost always only in the long-term lease. Motivation of putting housing kratkosrochku, experts believe, could serve as the desire to gain ownership of the agency a fixed amount, usually less than the real rental rate. But for this difference, and struggling daily agency specializing in kratkosrochke.

Service at home

Today, removing the elite housing in the capital, the tenant receives in addition a range of additional services. This cleaning, maid services, and nurses, delivery of food, furniture, installation of cable TV, Internet, maintenance, and much more. In fact, many organizations offer most of these services free of charge.

Our company, - says Denis Shmarev - at no extra cost to provide services for cleaning the apartment three times a week, change of bed linen and towels once a week, around-the-clock maintenance, taxi to and from the airport, information support . In addition, free and Some foreigners do register at the host .

rent an apartment In addition to the TV, you can find a DVD-player, music center, washing machine, iron with ironing board. And most importantly, it usually has a kitchen fully equipped: fridge, stove, microwave oven, toaster, electric kettle, utensils for eating and cooking, which makes the stay more comfortable and cozy. In short, equipped with a life and a wide range of services given to withdraw the elite housing in the capital has become really cheaper than buying your own.


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